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Temitope Oyetomi, Does God Truly Exist?

Oyetomi, Temitope O. Does God Truly Exist? Why You Should Optimise Your Personal Relationship With God—And How You Can Do So—If He Truly Exists! Akure: Baal Hamon Publishers, 2006. 356 pp. $17.99. Buy from Amazon.com


Temitope is the founder and coordinator of Joy and Truth Christian Ministries which is headquartered in Akure, Nigeria. He devoted his own personal resources and extensive hours daily to the comparative study of religions and beliefs in researching this book. This took more than eleven years of general and academic reading. Temitope believes that knowing God could, and should be, a matter of a personal one-on-one relationship with God. It is evident as you read this book that what is written was rooted in the author’s own personal experience of God.

Summary of Does God Truly Exist?

There is so much in this book that simply summarizing its contents would be an injustice, but for the sake of space, I will do my best. The book is divided into three parts: the root of sin, the kingdom of God, and make a wise choice. The first two parts comprise ninety-eight percent of the book split about even. In other words, you will spend much of your time learning where sin comes from and how God through Christ conquered sin. Continue reading Temitope Oyetomi, Does God Truly Exist?