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Duck Commander Devotions for Kids by Korie Robertson & Chrys Howard

Devotions for KidsRobertson, Korie and Chrys Howard. Illustrated by Holli Conger. Duck Commander Devotions for Kids. Nasville: Tommy Nelson, 2015.  223 pp. $16.99. Purchase at Amazon and on Kindle for less.


I have confessed to not being a fan of Duck Dynasty let alone having ever watched an episode. I have, however, reviewed another resource from this marketing juggernaut: The Duck Commander Faith and Family Bible. Now, the wives are at it penning a devotional for children.


Comprised of 103 devotions that are two pages in length, each day begins with a verse from the NIV and then springboards into a short devotional meant to drive home a particular point. Many of these devotions begin with a snippet of information about the Robertson family or a reference to an event in one’s life that many (if not all) children have experienced.

Each devotion concludes with a prayer as well as a “Duck Commander in Action” section where the child is directed to some activity to help implement and cement the lesson for that day.


While one may charge that the devotionals border on moralism (don’t most of today’s devotionals?) I think it would be wise to understand that they are writing to a young audience that seems to be more and more void of morals than ever before.

I was impressed with the regularity in which they pushed children to trust in Christ. At the end of the 103 day/week devotional there will have been many topics discussed. All of them will appeal to both your child’s imagination and drive them, Lord willing, to a deeper understanding of what it means to walk with the Lord. At the very least, they will begin to see how it is genuinely impossible to do all that the Lord commands us!


As far as devotionals go for children, this is pretty nice. I found it interesting and very engaging as well as full of biblical truth. I can recommend this devotional as long as it is part of a larger Bible reading plan for the entire family.

Mac Lucado’s Hermie & Friends: A Bug Collection

Max Lucado’s Hermie & Friends: A Bug Collection Volume 3.  Nashville: Tommy Nelson, 2010.  $19.99.  Purchase at Amazon for $17.99 or less.


Hermie and Wormie have become to beloved characters in the world of Christian cartoons for children.  Max Lucado is the man behind the stories, but the voices of the characters may be more well known.  Originally, Don Knotts was the voice of Wormie, the best friend to Hermie, voiced by Tim Conway.  Today, John Causby is the voice of Wormie.  Melissa Disney, who has voiced numerous characters also has a significant amount of characters n this collection.


This DVD set includes three videos about 30 minutes in length each.  The first video is “Milo the Mantis who Wouldn’t Pray.”  This cartoon teaches children that God does hear your prayers and the prayers of others.  Granted, He does not answer your prayers the way you think He should, but He does answer them.

The second video is entitled “Buzby and Grumble Bees.”  Buzby, the spelling bee, finds his friends helping him to teach his niece and nephew the importance of behaving properly.  What if everyone misbehaved the way they do?  They will soon find out.

“Hailey and Bailey’s Silly Fight” is the third DVD in the collection.  In this movie, the children will be taught the importance of getting along with one another.  Fighting over silliness could ruin the good things they want to do for others.


My children really enjoy these DVDs.  They run around singing the “Bee-have in the Bee-hive” song all the time.  When asked which short video  they would like to watch, they usually ask for Hermie.  These DVDs are great to settle the kids down and to teach them eternal truths.  Still, you need to circumvent the moralistic nature portrayed by most Christian resources for children.  You can purchase these on Amazon for less than 50% off if you include the shipping and handling charges.  You will not regret allowing your children to watch these DVDs over and over again.