The Gospel Witness

  1. John A. Broadus:  A Living Legacy edited by David S. Dockery and Roger D. Duke:  The Gospel Witness, September 2008,  Vol. 87, No. 4 (Issue 3036)
  2. The Preaching of Jonathan Edwards by John Carrick:  The Gospel Witness, December 2008, Vol. 87, No. 7 (Issue 3039)
  3. A Consuming Fire:  The Piety of Alexander Whyte by Michael A.G. Haykin:  The Gospel Witness, January 2009, Vol. 87, No. 8 (Issue 3040)
  4. Justification Vindicated by Robert Traill:  The Gospel Witness, March 2009, Vol. 87, No. 10 (Issue 3042)
  5. Pocket Dictionary of Church History by Nathan Feldmeth:  The Gospel Witness, April 2009, Vol. 87, No. 11 (Issue 3043)
  6. All Loves Excelling by John Bunyan:  The Gospel Witness, May 2009, Vol. 87, No. 12 (Issue 3044).

The Journal of Discipleship and Family Ministry

  1. Perspectives on Family Ministry: Three Views. Edited by Timothy Paul Jones. The Journal of Discipleship and Family Ministry, Fall 2010, Vol. 1, No. 1.

AudioFile Magazine

Note: I do not necessarily endorse the theology espoused in all of these books listed below. There are many that I personally disagree with.  My reviews for AudioFile Magazine are more about the audio experience than the content of the book being read. These reviews have stretched and challenged me.

  1. Prayers: A Personal Selection by Various Authors. Read by Michael York.AudioFile Magazine, February/March 2011, Vol. 19, No. 5.
  2. The Next Christians: How a New Generation is Restoring the Faith by Gabe Lyons.  Read by Gabe Lyons.  AudioFile Magazine, February/March 2011, Vol. 19, No. 5.
  3. Adopted for Life by Russell Moore.  Read by Russell Moore.  AudioFile Magazine, April/May 2011, Vol. 19, No. 6.
  4. Prayers: A Personal Selection.  Read by Michael York.  AudioFile Magazine, 2011 Christian Audiobooks Digest.
  5. The Duggars: 20 and Counting! Raising One of America’s Largest Families–How They Do it by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.  Read by Michelle Duggar.  AudioFile Magazine, 2011 Christian Audiobooks Digest.
  6. Tramp for the Lord by Corrie Ten Boom.  Read by Nadia May.  AudioFile Magazine, 2011 Christian Audiobooks Digest.
  7. Good Discipline, Great Teens by Ray Guarendi.  Read by Ray Guarendi.  AudioFile Magazine, June/July 2011, Vol. 20, No. 1.
  8. Waterfall: The River of Time, Book 1 by Lisa T. Bergren.  Read by Pam Turlow.  AudioFile Magazine, August/September 2011, Vol. 20, No. 2.
  9. A Tale of Three Kings by Gene Edwards.  Read by Paul Michael.  AudioFile Magazine, October/November 2011, Vol. 20, No. 3.
  10. Ordinary People, Extraordinary Power by John Eckhardt.  Read by Mirron Willis.  AudioFile Magazine, October/November 2011, Vol. 20, No. 3.
  11. We Shall See God: Charles Spurgeon’s Classic Devotional Thoughts on Heaven by Randy Alcorn.  Read by Randy Alcorn and Simon Vance.  AudioFile Magazine, October/November 2011, Vol. 20, No. 3.
  12. Let Justice Roll Down by John M. Perkins. Ready by Calvin Robinson. AudioFile Magazine, October/November 2017, Vol. 26, No. 3. Pg. 47.
  13. The Awakening of H.K. Derryberry: My Unlikely Friendship with the Boy Who Remembers Everything by Jim Bradford and Andy Hardin. Read by Milton Bagby. AudioFile Magazine, October/November 2017, Vol. 26, No. 3. Pg. 53.
  14. Hoover: An Extraordinary Life in Extraordinary Times by Kenneth Whyte. Read by Richard Ferrone. AudioFile Magazine, February/March 2018, Vol. 26, No. 5. Pg. 21.
  15. Courage for the Unknown Season: Navigating What’s Next with Confidence and Hope by Jan Silvious. Read by Ann M. Richardson. AudioFile Magazine, February/March 2018, Vol. 26, No. 5. Pg. 49.
  16. A Practical Guide to Culture: Helping the Next Generation Navigate Today’s World by John Stonestreet and Brett Kunkle. Read by Jim Denison. AudioFile Magazine, April/May 2018, Vol. 26, No. 6. Pg 60.
  17. An Odyssey: A Father, a Son, and an Epic by Daniel Mendelsohn. Read by Bronson Pinchot. AudioFile Magazine, April/May 2018, Vol. 26, No. 6. Pg 64.

AudioFile Website

Note: I do not necessarily endorse the theology espoused in all of these books listed below.  There are many that I personally disagree with.  My reviews for AudioFile Magazine are more about the audio experience than the content of the book being read.  These reviews have stretched and challenged me.

  1. Prayers: A Personal Selectionread by Michael York
  2. The Next Christians by Gabe Lyons, read by Gabe Lyons
  3. Adopted for Lifeby Russell Moore, read by Russell Moore
  4. The Duggars: 20 & Counting by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, read by Michelle Duggar
  5. Generous Justice by Timothy Keller, read by Tom Parks
  6. Ministries of Mercy by Timothy Keller read by Sean Runnette
  7. Happy Princess by Stephanie Perry Moore, read by Deborah Raell
  8. Good Discipline, Great Teens read by Dr. Ray Guarendi, read by Dr. Ray Guarendi
  9. Mercy Clifton by Peter Marshall, David Manuel, Sheldon Maxwell read by Aimee Lilly
  10. Tramp for the Lord by Corrie Ten Boom, read by Nadia May
  11. A Child’s Day Out by Mary Sheldon, read by Betty White
  12. The Shelter of God’s Promises by Sheila Walsh, read by Sheila Walsh
  13. An Eye for Glory: The Civil War Chronicles of a Citizen Soldier by Karl Bacon, read by Dick Hill
  14. Waterfall by Lisa T. Bergren, read by Pam Turlow
  15. Mary Mackillop Unveiled by Leslie O’Brien, read by Jenny Seedsman
  16. Slave by John MacArthur, read by John MacArthur
  17. Scripture and the Authority of God by N.T. Wright read by James Adams
  18. The Transforming Power of the Gospel by Jerry Bridges read by Ray Porter
  19. Lion of Babylon by Davis Bunn read by Paul Boehmer
  20. Jerusalem, Jerusalem by James Carroll read by Mel Foster
  21. Falling Upward by Richard Rohr read by the author
  22. One Lane Bridge by Don Reidread by the author
  23. Lucky by Glenn Packiam read by Dean Gallagher
  24. The Pastor by Eugene Peterson, read by Arthur Morey
  25. Understanding the Bible by John R.W. Stott, read by Simon Vance
  26. The Law of Happiness by Dr. Henry Cloud, read by Dr. Henry Cloud
  27. Edge of Apocalypse by Tim LaHaye and Craig Parshall, read by Stefan Rudnicki
  28. The Final Summit by Andy Andrews, read by Andy Andrews
  29. Radical Together by David Platt, read by Ryan Gesell
  30. Managing God’s Money by Randy Alcorn read by Jon Gauger
  31. True Courage by Steve Farrar, read by Jim Sanders
  32. Surrendered and Untamed by Jason Clark, read by Jason Clark
  33. Ordinary People, Extraordinary Power by John Eckhardt, read by Miron Willis
  34. Love Wins by Rob Bell read by Rob Bell
  35. A Tale of Three Kings by Gene Edwards, read by Paul Michael
  36. Max on Life by Max Lucado, read by Wayne Shepherd
  37. We Shall See God: Charles Spurgeon’s Classic Devotional Thoughts on Heaven< by Randy Alcorn, read by Randy Alcorn and Simon Vance
  38. The Blessing: Giving the Gift of Unconditional Love and Acceptance by Gary Smalley and John Trent, read by Kelly Ryan Dolan
  39. Pujols: More than the Game by Scott Lamb and Tim Ellsworth, read by Wes Bleed
  40. God is Amazing: Everything Changes When You See God for Who He Is by Bruce Bickel and Stan Jantz read by Bickel and Jantz
  41. Possible by Stephan Bauman read by Grover Alexander
  42. Jesus, Jihad, and Peace by Michael Youssef read by John Gauger
  43. Serve God, Save the Planet by Matthew Sleeth read by Dick Hill
  44. Tortured for Christ by Richard Wurmbrand read by Alex Rotaru
  45. A Year of Living Prayerfully by Jared Brock read by the author
  46. Brotherhood by Jerry Jenkins read by Johnny Heller
  47. My Battle Against Hitler by Dietrich von Hildebrand, translated by John Henry Crosby, read by Michael Page
  48. Hiroshima Diary by Michihiko Hachiya read by Robertson Dean
  49. Everyone’s a Theologian: An Introduction to Systematic Theology by R.C. Sproul read by Grover Gardner
  50. God is Amazing by Bruce Bickel and Stan Jentz read by the authors
  51. Silence and Beauty: Hidden Faith Born of Suffering by Makoto Fujimura read by Ova Saopeng
  52. Finding God in the Ruins by Matt Bays read by Matt Bays
  53. Tell Someone by Greg Laurie read by P.J. Ochlan
  54. The Broken Way by Ann Voskamp read by Jaimiee Paul
  55. Unashamed by LeCrae Moore read by Lecrae
  56. Adorned by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth
  57. The Trials of Saint Patrick by Paul McCusker performed by the Augustine Institute Radio
  58. The Awakening of H. K. Derryberry by Jim Bradford and Andy Hardin read by Milton Bagby
  59. Garden City by John Mark Comer read by the author
  60. Benedict Option by Rod Dreher read by Adam Verner
  61. Church History 101 by Joel Beeke, Sinclair Ferguson, & Michael A.G. Haykin read by Derek Perkins
  62. Do All Lives Matter? by John M. Perkins and Wayne Gorden read by Calvin Robinson
  63. Praying the Bible by Donald S. Whitney read by the author
  64. 12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You by Tony Reinke read by Tom Parks
  65. Is Justice Possible? by J. Paul Nyquist read by Jon Gauger
  66. Let Justice Roll Down by John M. Perkins, Shane Claiborne [Foreword] Read by Calvin Robinson, Shane Claiborne
  67. Called for Life by Kent and Amber Brantly read by Kaleo Griffith and Sara Zimmerman
  68. Sting Like a Bee by Leigh Montville read by JD Jackson
  69. The Myth of Equality by Ken Wytsma read by Mike Chamberlain
  70. The Confessions of St. Augustine by St. Augustine read by Mark Meadows
  71. Goliath Must Fall by Louie Giglio read by Louie Giglio and Jason Dyba
  72. Life in Community by Dustin Willis read by Tom Parks
  73. What Happens After You Die? by Randy Frazee read by Mark Smeby
  74. How to be Filled with the Holy Spirit by A.W. Tozer read by Tom Hatting
  75. Earnest Hemingway by Mary V. Dearborn read by Tanya Eby
  76. The Legacy of Luther by R.C. Sproul & Stephen J. Nichols read by Bob Souer
  77. Nixon’s White House Wars by Patrick J. Buchanan read by Arthur Morey
  78. Jefferson: Architect of American Liberty by John B. Boles read by Michael Johnson
  79. The Streak: Lou Gehrig, Cal Ripken, and Baseball’s Most Historic Record by John Eisenberg read by Kyle McCarley
  80. Courage for the Unknown Season by Jan Silvious read by Ann M. Richardson
  81. Eats with Sinners by Arron Chambers read by author
  82. Building a Bridge by James Martin read by author
  83. I’ll Push You by Patrick Gray Justin Skeesuck read by the authors
  84. The Light is Winning by Zach Hoag read by Stu Gray
  85. Play the Man by Mark Batterson read by the author
  86. Hoover: An Extraordinary Life in Extraordinary Times by Kenneth Whyte read by Richard Ferrone
  87. Come and Eat by Bri McKoy read by Diana Batarseh
  88. Church of the Small Things: The Million Little Pieces that Make up a Life by Melanie Shankle read by author
  89. Every Job a Parable by John Van Sloten read by author
  90. A Practical Guide to Culture by John Stonestreet and Brett Kunkle read by Jim Denison
  91. An Odyssey: A Father, a Son, and an Epic by Daniel Mendelsohn read by Bronson Pinchot
  92. Do What Jesus Did by Robby Dawkins read by John Wilders
  93. The Genius of One by Greg Holder read by the author
  94. The Three Lives of James Madison by Noah Feldman read by John H. Mayer
  95. Jonathan Swift by John Stubbs read by Derek Perkins
  96. Commander in Chief by Nigel Hamilton read by Shaun Grindell
  97. Come and See by Todd Wagner and John Driver read by Todd Wagner
  98. Killing Kryptonite by John Bevere read by the author
  99. Unimaginable by Jeremiah Johnston read by the author
  100. We Stood Upon the Stars by Roger W. Thompson read by John McLain
  101. The Sacrament of Happy by Lisa Harper read by the author
  102. Fire Road by Kim Phuc Phan Thi and Ashley Wiersma read by Emily Woo Zeller
  103. I Will Not Fear by Melba Pattillo Beals read by Myra Lucretia Taylor
  104. The Mission Walker by Edie Littlefield Sundby read by Jaimee Paul
  105. Never Look at the Empty Seats by Charlie Daniels read by the author
  106. No More Excuses by Tony Evans read by Mirron Wilis
  107. Resurrecting Religion by Greg Paul read by Jon Gauger
  108. Your God is too Glorious by Chad Bird read by Brandon Batchelar
  109. I Can Only Imagine by Bart Millard read by the author
  110. Reclaiming Hope by Michael R. Wear read by Stu Gray
  111. The Lost Founding Father by William J. Cooper read by Richard Poe
  112. A Season in the Sun by Randy Roberts, Johnny Smith read by Pete Larkin
  113. Hear My Heart by Billy Graham read by Bob Walter
  114. Always Fall Forward by Todd Gerelds read by the author
  115. Love Big, Be Well by Winn Collier read by Trevor Thompson
  116. Supernatural Power for Everyday People by Jared C. Wilson read by Steven Roy Grimsley
  117. RFK: His Words for Our Times by Robert F. Kennedy, C. Richard Allen, Edwin O. Guthman read by James Lurie, Jim Meskimen
  118. Atheism on Trial by Louis Markos read by Jim Seybert
  119. Generous Love by Becky Kopitzke read by the author
  120. God is Able by Priscilla Shirer read by Lisa Renee-Pitts
  121. Grateful by Diana Butler Bass read by the author
  122. Prayer that Turns the World Upside Down by R. Albert Mohler read by Tom Parks
  123. Replenish by Lance Witt read by Kirby Heyborne

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