To the One Who Conquers by Sam Storms

September 18th, 2008

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Storms, Sam. To the One Who Conquers:  50 Daily Meditations on the Seven Letters of Revelation 2-3.  Wheaton:  Crossway Books, 2008.  239 pp.  $14.99. 


Sam Storms does not need much introduction to many.  He is the founder of Enjoying God Ministries based in Kansas City, Missouri.  However, that may be changing.  According to his website, he just accepted a call to become the senior pastor at Bridgeway Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  He has written numerous books including Chosen For Life and Signs of the Spirit.

Summary of To the One Who Conquers

Summarizing a devotional is difficult.  Summarizing one’s meditations may be more difficult.  However, Storms neatly breaks down his meditations according to the seven churches found in the book of Revelation.  Therefore, there are seven parts corresponding to those seven churches with a varying number of meditations per part (or church).

For example, the church in Ephesus includes such contemplations as “Our knowledge of God’s knowledge of us” and “the limits of love.”  You wind your way through other meditations like “Satan’s city” (Pergamum) and “Seeing isn’t always believing” (Sardis).

Critique of To the One Who Conquers

While it is true that these are Sam Storm’s meditations, they quickly become your own.  It is pretty hard to critique another man’s thoughts on a passage of Scripture.  Even harder is when the passage of Scripture is found in an apocalyptic book like Revelation.  I think what can safely be said is that while you might not agree with everything the author says, you will find yourself thinking deeper throughout the day on practical applications of these seven letters to the seven churches.

I found that each day I would look more forward to reading the next chapter than the previous day.  I loved that Storms challenges the reader daily to live for God’s glory and to trust all the more in His faithfulness…something we all need to do more of.


When I think of books about meditations on Scripture, the name John Piper immediately jumps to the front of my mind.  Not only has this book, in my mind, elevated Sam Storms to a meditative writer, but it has also enabled me to think deeply on the seven churches referenced in Revelation and their application to me personally.  You cannot go wrong in picking up this book to help you focus on God’s faithfulness through the power of His Son’s death on the cross.

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