Author Interview: Trevin Wax

March 25th, 2010

I recently reviewed Holy Subversion written by Trevin Wax. Trevin has been so kind as to allow me to interview him regarding his book.

Christian Book Notes (CBN): Please share with our readers how you came to faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Trevin Wax: I first placed my trust in Christ when I was very young. I remember speaking with my mom and asking her about salvation, and then calling my pastor, excited about the news. For those of us who were saved at young ages, it is often difficult to think of a

“before” and “after” with regard to our conversion. So I like to think in terms of trajectory. What would my life look like today had I not trusted in Christ at that time? That’s when I’m overwhelmed by the grace of God, not only that he saved me, but that he saved me so early!

CBN: Please tell us a little about yourself regarding your family, where God has you serving in ministry, and where you can be found on the Internet.

Trevin Wax: I am 28 years old. My wife’s name is Corina. We have two children: Timothy (5) and Julia (1). I serve as Associate Pastor at First Baptist Church in Shelbyville, TN. I’ve been blogging at Kingdom People since October 2006.

CBN:What was the origin of Holy Subversion?

Trevin Wax: From 2000-2005, I did mission work in Romania, where evangelicals are a distinct minority. The evangelical witness was powerful because there were few of them and because they took seriously the call to be different from the world.

Coming back to serve in the Bible belt alerted me to ways in which evangelicals in America look very much like the world around us. So Holy Subversion is an attempt to call the church back to a life of costly discipleship that stands out for the glory of God.

CBN: Subversive is defined as “a systematic attempt to overthrow or undermine a government or political system by persons working secretly from within.” That has some fairly negative connotation to it. Why use that word and what exactly do you mean by it?

Trevin Wax: Subversion is often understood in the political sense mentioned above. Yet to “subvert” something can also mean to “undermine” in a more general sense; in other words, undermining in the sense of “putting something in its place.”I’m using the word “subvert” in the second sense. The only way subversion can be holy is if we are identifying the prevailing idolatries of our culture and then subverting those idolatries by putting them under the feet of the crucified and risen King Jesus.

CBN:Why did you choose the term Caesar to describe practically everything in the world today?

Trevin Wax: In the book, I begin by showing how the early Christians were subversive of the Caesar-worship of their day. They subverted Caesar, not by plotting a revolution, but by living the Christian life that declares there is another king, a greater king – Jesus. By using the witness of the early Christians as the launching pad, I then am able to point out several “Caesars” that are worshiped in our day and age, Caesars that need to be subverted, i.e. “put back in their proper place.” Money, Sex, Power, Self, Leisure, Success, Tolerance – these are the primary Caesars today that are vying for our allegiance.

CBN: Can we look forward to anything else from you in the future?

Trevin Wax: I’m working on a couple of proposals right now, both of which I’m very excited about. For the time being; however, I am glad to be spreading the word about Holy Subversion. I hope Christians and churches will take hold of the message of this book and then dive into a life of serious discipleship.

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