Just Do Something by Kevin DeYoung

February 8th, 2010

DeYoung, Kevin. Just Do Something: A Liberating Approach to Finding God’s Will. Chicago: Moody Publishers, 2009. 128 pp. $10.99. Purchase the book at Westminster.


A search on Amazon for books on God’s Will returns over 231,000 results.  Everyone wants to know what God’s will is for their life.  Not everyone wants to actually do God’s will for their lives.  Kevin DeYoung challenges many preconceived notions in his book Just Do Something.


In an extremely short book, Kevin DeYoung begins by smashing what many use as a crutch–trying to discern the will of God.  He states at the end of chapter one that our seeking the will of God has enabled us to postpone growing up.  He likens our seeking the will of God as asking the great Magic 8-Ball whether or not we should eat at McDonald’s or Arby’s.

There is a better way.  DeYoung explains what that is and what it looks like in the Christian’s life.  Basically, the title of the books says it all…Just do something!  Though some might think that just doing something is aimless, we are presented with the tools (think prayer and Scripture reading) to discern God’s will in your life.  It is at this point that you are able to know that you are walking in the will of God.

Audio/Content Review

Adam Verner does not read this book in a dry, formal manner.  He reads more as though he is your pastor and you are discussing the matter of seeking God’s will for your life at your local coffee shop.  I appreciated his voice inflection as well as his tempo in reading.

The content of the book was dead on.  Kevin DeYoung nails it as far as the paralysis of analysis that grips many young Christians today.  We have made an idol out of seeking God’s will and Kevin attempts to rectify this in 128 short pages.  His use of Scripture helps to elucidate his solution to the problem which in the end is a biblical solution.


Just Do Something is a book that needs to be read by every Christian, young and old.  The book can be read in one sitting if you have the time (say 2 1/2 hours).  It makes for an excellent study for youth groups and adult bible study groups.  Kevin DeYoung offers many morsels to chew on when it comes to discerning God’s will for one’s life.  Having the book to read is great–you will mark it up with your fountain pen.  Having the book to listen to was even more of a bonus–I felt as though I was in the middle of a conversation.  Adam Verner really makes listening to the book an enjoyable experience.

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