Reformation Heroes by Diana Kleyn and Joel R. Beeke

April 30th, 2009

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Kleyn, Diana and Joel R. Beeke. Reformation Heroes. Grand Rapids: Reformation Heritage Books, 2007. 240 pp. $25.00.  Purchase at Westminster Books.

Reformation Heroes is written for a slightly older audience–approximately 11-17 year olds, but can be read to younger children. The following is written by the author’s in the introduction of the book as to the purpose of this book:

The purpose of this book is threefold: first, to teach a general knowledge of the Refomration and the events leading up to it. Second, because young people often lack helpful mentors and role models, we wish to set forth accurate life stories of Reformers who are still genuine heroes and helpful mentors for us today. Third, we hope you also gain a deeper respect for the doctrines of the Reformation, as well as for the freedom we enjoy to worship God according to Scripture.

The author’s meet, and exceed, these three goals. With chapters not exceeding 8 pages in length, there is just enough space for a brief overview of the lives and roles of each saint used of God in the Reformation. Peppered throughout each chapter are wonderful illustrations that help to bring to the mind the face and culture in which the Reformers lived. Not only do the illustrations aid in keeping the attention of the children, but they also elevate the children’s awareness of how different the world in which the Reformation took place when compared to the world we live in today.

Undoubtedly, the more this book is read, the more a young boy or girl will find someone who they can relate with at some level and want to learn more about that particular Reformer. What is even better is that as the parents read this book to the younger children, they will certainly learn quite a bit about this important time in the history of the church. It is nice to be able to share with your children why Christians are willing to die for their faith as well as what that faith entails.


This is an excellent resource at numerous levels. For example, if you are a children’s minister, then you can use this for a summer study on the Reformation. If your family has a time of family worship, you can integrate Reformation Heroes into your family worship. If you are homeschooling your children, then this can very easily be incorporated into a history curriculum. As can be seen, the uses for this resource are endless.

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