The One True God by Paul Washer

July 24th, 2009

Purchase at Amazon for $21.95

Washer, Paul David. The One True God. Hannibal: Granted Ministries Press, 3rd ed. 2009. 184 pp. $21.95.

Publisher Introduction

Granted Ministries Press is the publishing arm of Granted Ministries located in Hannibal, Mo. Some titles that they have published include, Valuable Selections from the Writings of George MüllerJustification and Regeneration by Charles Leiter and The One True God by Paul David Washer. Granted Ministries is of the Reformed Baptist heritage. Check out their website and prayerfully support their ministry.


Paul Washer is well known in Christian circles. His preaching ministry has impacted countless Christians young and old–me included. His sermons are regularly one of the top downloaded at He preaches with a passion that is unmet by most preachers today. He is the founder and director of the HeartCry Missionary Society located in Muscle Shoals, Alabama as a ministry of Grace Life Church. In The One True God, we learn the driving force behind everything Paul Washer does–it is God and His grace.


The One True God is a workbook designed to guide the reader through a Biblical study of who God is; i.e., the doctrine of God. This is the third edition and first time being published by Granted Ministries. The first two editions were published by HeartCry.

The chapters move systematically through one’s understanding of who God is. Chapter one is aptly titled God is one. From there, the study takes you through God is…

  • spirit,
  • greatand perfect,
  • eternal, self-existent, and immutable
  • omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient
  • holy
  • righteous
  • true and truthful
  • faithful
  • love
  • creator and sustainer
  • Lord over all
  • lawgiver and judge

The last chapter details the names of God.

If you are going to do this study, you had better have your Bible sitting by your side. You will be forced into the Scriptures to learn what the Bible says about God. Basically, you will be learning what God truly says about Himself and there is nothing wrong with that.

One of the nice “extra” features of the third edition is the spiral bounding and hardback cover as opposed to the paperback, glued bonding of the first two editions. This is a very nice touch, and I believe a much needed upgrade–my first edition copy is worn out from referring back to it so often.


Iain H. Murray says, “The One True God , is the best introductory work known to me. It sets out great truths in clear and balanced form. Young Christians could scarcely spend their time better than working carefully through these pages.”

With the third edition being revised and expanded (the study is longer than it was in the first edition), The One True God makes for an excellent resource to study on your own or in a group. To be able to study God as His Word describes Him is a privilege beyond compare. Studying the Scriptures with The One True God by your side will keep you from falling into error as a young believer and will straighten you out where you possibly have fallen into error. This workbook is not only a foundation setter, it is also a correction to false beliefs which will do nothing but hinder your growth in faith.

This workbook makes for an excellent resource for a new believer’s class or a Discipleship group. I have recommended and given this workbook to new believers, struggling believers, and older believers in the past. I am excited to see this third edition and will gladly continue to pass it along to those needing to get to know God for who He is in the future.

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