The Truth About Man by Paul Washer

November 4th, 2009

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Washer, Paul David. The Truth About Man. Hannibal: Granted Ministries Press, 2nd ed. 2009. 168 pp. $19.95.


Paul Washer has written his second doctrinal study. This time he focuses on who man is in relation to the holy God that his previous study established. It is only natural that one would want to know who we are and how we relate to an all holy God. Paul Washer answers that question and many more in The Truth About Man.


Paul Washer takes the student from the creation of man, to the fall of Adam and mankind through to God’s judgment of the wicked and the doctrine of Hell. Along the way, you will learn what the Bible says about our enslavement to sin and God’s disposition towards the sinner (not a pretty picture).

There is plenty of Scripture to read and study as well as a lot of note taking. Paul adds plenty of notes and contextual definitions to help any student to discern what is found in the Scriptures regarding man and, perhaps more importantly, what is not found in the Scriptures about man.

One of the more useful sections of The Truth About Man begins on page 25 where Paul answers “Important Questions about the Fall.” Here, he answers three essential questions to understanding the magnitude of Genesis 3. They are

  • How could Adam Fall?
  • Did God ordain the Fall?
  • What is God’s eternal purpose in the Fall?


As I said in my review of The One True God, this book makes an excellent resource for a new believer’s class or any discipleship group.  I would recommend that you start with The One True God before moving into The Truth About Man simply because the truth of who God is should be the foundation for all that we do and study as believers in His Son, Jesus Christ.  Nonetheless, this book is worth studying by itself if you are not able to study the first book.

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