Words from the Fire by R. Albert Mohler

December 18th, 2009

Purchase at Westminster for $14.94

Mohler, R. Albert.  Words from the Fire.  Chicago:  Moody Publishers, 2009.  201 pp.  $22.99. 


Too many Christians today feel as though they need not regard the Ten Commandments as binding.  Many believe that the Ten Commandments are useful insofar as evangelism is concerned.  After all, only those apart from Christ will be held accountable for there deeds and those are going to be judged against God’s commands, right?  Dr. Mohler argues that the Ten Commandments are just as binding on the New Testament Christian as they were the Old Testament Jew.

He writes with passion and conviction as he rightly divides the application of the Ten Commandments for the Christian today.  In looking at each Commandment individually, Dr. Mohler explains how the underlying message, the root of each commandment either teaches how we are to relate to God or how we are to relate to one another. Along the way, the reader will be challenged to discard unbiblical understandings of the application of the Ten Commandments and may very well learn just how much we have been sinning in our conversations about what God is doing in our lives, our worship to him, our use of the fifth commandment with our children, etc.

With every commandment explained and understood biblically, Dr. Mohler’s words will pierce to the heart and lead you to the cross of Christ where we can find true righteousness.  If you call on the name of Christ, you need to read this book.  It will show the magnificence of what He has done for us in dying for our sins (and oh are there many!) afresh.

You can listen to the sermon series that was the basis for this book by clicking on the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary’s resources web page.  (The current first sermon on this list is not part of the series by R. Albert Mohler.)

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