The Kingdom of God by Martyn Lloyd-Jones

August 27th, 2010

Lloyd-Jones, Martyn.  The Kingdom of God.  Wheaton: Crossway Books, 2010.  224 pp.  $14.99. 


I have reviewed many books by Martyn Lloyd-Jones and have been blessed to interview his grandson, Jonathan, as well.

This particular book, The Kingdom of God, was from a set of sermons preached by the Doctor in 1963.


Compiled from twelve different sermons, the Doctor allows the Bible to speak on the topic of what the kingdom of God really is.  He expertly divides the Word of Truth to show us how Jesus proclaimed the coming and arrival of the kingdom as well as our first priority as believers is to seek the kingdom.

In most of his messages, he adds one detail to our understanding of God’s kingdom and drives that point home.  After reading the book, you will know that you cannot attain the kingdom though an outward show of faith but that it takes an inward regeneration by the Spirit.  You will know that the kingdom has come in power and will prevail through that power.  You will find that you must be born again to enter the kingdom.  You will also find that while the kingdom is so close, it remains far away and cannot be moved.


It is hard to critique one of your personal heroes in the faith, and I confess, that I could really find nothing to critique Lloyd-Jones on in this book.  I did like that his grandson made mention of the Profumo scandal and how these sermons showed Dr. Lloyd-Jones’ graciousness in dealing with it at a time when everyone in his country wanted to see the man judged and hanged for his crime.

While there may be some doctrinal differences between you and Lloyd-Jones, you will find that his exegetical prowess will help to educate you in your understanding of what the Kingdom of God really is and what it looks like as found in the Bible.


As will all Martyn Lloyd-Jones books, I do recommend The Kingdom of God to everyone.  In reading this book, you may find that much of what you thought you knew about the kingdom is not biblical.  That will not be the case will all, though it is always great to sit at the feet of one of the greatest preachers of all time and learn about what the Bible says on a particular topic.

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