United We Stand by Thomas Brooks

July 5th, 2010

Brooks, Thomas.  United We Stand.  Edinburgh: The Banner of Truth Trust, 2009.  64 pp.  $6.00. 


Thomas Brooks (1608-1680), was ordained to the gospel ministry in 1640 while serving as a naval chaplain for seven years. became minister at the church of St. Thomas the Apostle, Queen Street, London (1648-1651). He was often called to preach before Parliament. In 1652, he became rector of St. Margaret’s, New Fish Street Hill, which was the first church that burned to the ground in the Great Fire of London (1666). You can purchase his various books (all reprinted by Banner of Truth) at a discounted price here.


This little 64 page book from the Pocket Puritan Series being published by Banner of Truth is taken from his larger work Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices. Here, we read of 12 remedies against one of Satan’s most evident devices to destroy the church–division. All over the Christian landscape we see division within the body. This camp argues for a more conservative understanding of man’s choice and God’s sovereignty, that camp thinks drums ought to be used in worship, this camp over here thinks the carpet should be blue and not red.

It is abundantly clear that the Christian church needs to come together and be united so that Satan will not be able to prevail against those individuals that he has. These 12 remedies (read it to find them out) are rooted in Scripture and most certainly apply to us today.


This little booklet will only whet the appetite of the reader. Once the clear teaching and application of God’s word from a divine like Boston is understood, the reader will want to drink further from his well. United We Stand offers a brief look at the strategies of Satan and the means by which God has offered us to stand against him as a body with Christ as our head.

I would greatly recommend this resource to any pastor or church leader who 1) wants to prevent Satan from sneaking into the church through the means of division or 2) has experienced a recent division in a church and wants to better equip the saints to avoid another one. This 64 page book makes a great study for church leadership or Sunday School or even in the home.

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