Dinosaurs for Kids by Ken Ham

April 16th, 2010

Ham, Ken. Illustrated by Bill Looney. Dinosaurs for Kids. Green Forest: Master Books, 2009. 64 pp. $14.99.


Ken Ham is the founder of Answers In Genesis–a ministry dedicated to reclaiming the authority of Scripture especially the foundation of the Bible in Genesis 1. While many charge they are nothing more than religious propaganda, there is actual science and scientific evidence that supports everything they do. Their main focus is on the theory of evolution. More specifically, Christians who believe in the theory of evolution as the means by which God created the universe.


The book is divided into 7 ages: Formed, Fearless, Fallen, Flood, Faded, Found, Fiction. In each age, dinosaurs are discussed using scientific evidence supported by a biblical worldview. Thus, many stereotypes crumble.

Throughout the book, children will be introduced to dinosaurs of all types. From the famous T-Rex to the Pterodactyl. The kids will see and understand how human (and dinosaur) history can be not only explained by the biblical accounts of creation, the fall and the flood, but also makes the most sense of the scientific findings of today.


Many would argue that this is not a scientific book on Dinosaurs and that is simply Creationist propaganda. This is not true. Sadly, many Christians have allowed man’s explanation (evolution–which is still a mere theory) to explain what the Bible says about creation. Dinosaurs are, without a doubt, the most fascinating of all prehistoric creatures. This book on dinosaurs for children helps to reinforce a biblical worldview without denying the existence of ancient animals that are now extinct.


Ken Ham does an excellent job of keeping the Scriptures as the main resource for our understanding of science. What is more, the gospel is presented in the context of the destruction of the dinosaurs. To be able to share the gospel with a child at any time is a blessing in and of itself. To be able to do so in the context of dinosaurs is just plain cool in my book.

Many forget that modern science really started because men wanted to know better how God created both the earth and the universe. Unfortunately, many have created the god of science and now bow before it in the hopes that they do not have to answer for their sins.

As one who used to believe in a theory as fact, I highly recommend this book. If you do call on Christ as both Lord and Savior, then it is very important that you have a right understanding of Creation. Where better to start than with the question of the dinosaurs?

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