Disciple Like Jesus for Parents by Alan Melton and Paul Dean

April 21st, 2010

Melton, Alan and Paul Dean.  Disciple Like Jesus for Parents: Following Jesus’ Method and Enjoying the Blessings of Children.  Xulon Press, 2009.  223 pp.  $15.99. 


Alan Melton is the founder of Disciple Like Jesus ministry which is dedicated to teaching fathers and mothers how to truly disciple their children in order that the gospel might be spread. Paul Dean is the pastor of Providence Baptist Church in Greer, SC. In addition to biblical counseling and conference speaking, he hosts a live, call-in, radio show–Calling for Truth.

They just recently signed a publishing deal with Calvary Press.


Separated into five parts, Melton and Dean set out to radically shift your understanding of what biblical discipleship looks like. The foundation of the book is set in part one where the authors challenge current methods of parental discipleship. The second part takes a look at how Jesus discipled the twelve men in His small group and even more with the three in His “inner circle” (Peter, James and John). In this section, they show that you are the right and only person to disciple your children. Parts three through five offer numerous examples of how Christ discipled the apostles. Let me just say that the operative word to discipleship is “time.” It takes a lot of time and energy to properly and biblically disciple your children.


As I said above, Disciple Like Jesus is a paradigm shifting book. If you approach the book as a parent who thinks you do a “good enough” job discipling your children, you will be humbled. Not by the author’s, rather, by their model which is none other than Jesus Christ. You will be challenged to realize your need to disciple yourself more before you can disciple your children. The author’s themselves share some of their radical life changes they made in order to better disciple their children. Some of this, however, comes from a perspective of personal conviction, but that conviction is rooted in the Bible.


If you are a youth or a children’s minister, this book would make an excellent gift for the parents of your children. If you are a parent, or plan to become a parent, this book should be on your shelf. There will be times that your struggle with maintaining the proper attitude with your children. It is nice to have a resource to turn to that will help to straighten you out and keep you on the right track. I pray that you pick up a copy today.

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